2016- 2017 Pep Band Schedule


Red Band

Flutes: Bianca, Tessa, Jenny, Jessie

Clarinets: McKayla, Skyler, Lydia, Amber, Kaylee

Altos: Jacob, Taryn

Tenor: Nora

Bari: Sean

Trumpets: Enrique, Chloe, Ontiona, Michael, Trever

Horns: Presley, Faith

Trombone: Vanessa

Baritones: Katelyn, Charlie, Brianna

Tuba: Alexis

Percussion: Cora, Luke, Michael, Trent


12/2 - Boys v. Seneca (Nerd Night)

12/5 - Girls v. Ottawa (Polos - no theme)

1/13 - Boys v. Herscher (Disney Night)

2/10 - Boys v. Peotone (Neon Night)

2/21 - Boys v. Ottawa (Black Out)


White Band

Flutes: Jenna, Sarah, Kyra, Kaylan

Clarinets: Kristin, Ellie, Videl, Hank, Jenna

Altos: Gwen, Anna

Tenor: Alina

Bari: Nick

Trumpets: Owen, Skylar, Hannah, Jennifer

Horn: Bryce, Cora

Trombone: Ben

Baritones: Xavier, Nick

Tubas: Marie, Mauricio

Percussion: Ashlyn, Aubrey, Matt, Rachel


12/16 - Boys v. Reed-Custer (Christmas Night)

1/31 - Boys v. Morris (Toga/Greek Night)

2/9 - Girls v. Coal City (Polos - no theme)

2/17 - Boys v. Sandwich (Hawaiian Night)

2/24 - Boys v. Coal City (Red/White Night)


Subbing: If you have a conflict that requires you to miss one of your scheduled games, you are able to trade games with someone in your section from the other band. Please remember that each student is responsible for attendance at 5 games. If you have traded games with someone, make sure that you are in attendance at one of their games that you agreed upon, even if they are there.